GoodeyBox 2019

How easy are you finding it to eat healthy meals at lunch time? 

How much more productive are you when you eat better?

Would you like more lunch options in your life?

My name is Steph Goodey, and I am deliciousness expert, delivering healthy, vibrant and awesome bowls of Goodey-ness to your desk or door. 


Goodey-ness in every bowl...

Boxes of good food, to fill and fuel the heart and soul.

If you have ever felt sleepy, unproductive and sluggish after eating - well done! Your body has to use energy to consume your food, so you are in good working order. 

Could you be in better working order?


Eating more plant based at lunch can reduce the post lunch slump

More productivity?

More energy?

More balance?

We all know eating a varied and healthy diet should be a priority, but its not always as straight forward as that, is it? 

Order now with Goodey Box, and we can bring your lunch to you, at work.

It can't get much easier than that.

Steph Goodey, Founder

'My vision is to bridge the gap between hungry and hangry.

No one likes hangry.'