GoodeyBox 2019

The Goodey behind the Goodey's.

Hi, I 'm Steph and I am on mission to bring the best food choices to time starved people.

Having been veggie for the last 8 years or so, combining that life style choice with a lot of travel and working overseas doesn't always make my plant loving life easy. You are tired, you're far from home, stressed and short on time...worse than that, you are hungry, actually, no - more like 'hangry', which is an emotion between anger and hunger rolled into one really attractive characteristic! For me, it's this point where it can be hard to make the right choice for your body. Especially if you are restricted by what you choose to leave out of your diet.


If you are at work, busy, and preoccupied its too easy to reach for the convenience rather than the good stuff. Thats me.


My vision is to bridge that gap, bring ease to your options, and fuel you so that you can feel good from the inside out helping you to be your best self.

Super yachts to the French Alps, Vietnam to India, there is nothing quite like home. I'm lucky that food has taken me on quite a journey, but now I want to bring that story home to the UK, and create the food I love to eat in an accessible and personal way.

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