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Keep it simple stupid...

Anyone who knew me in my teens and 20's always finds it kind of funny that I ended up in the kitchen, cooking for a living.

Infamously having Paste sandwiches through school (cheers Mum!), being super picky with food, living off cereal and soup through Uni and being the queen of the Ice Cream Special - a creation my best friend Chloe and I created which was essentially vanilla ice cream, squirty cream, hundreds and thousands topped with chocolate sauce and then stirred to make a yogurt consistency bowl of yumminess. Genius.

Never into health food, and certainly not creative in the kitchen, I somehow landed on my feet (or ass, depending on which way you look at it) cooking for people who were actually paying me to do so. It turned out I was actually alright at it, and kept pushing forward to better my skills, knowledge and style.

Travelling from France to Beirut and a lot in between brought me home, realising that I needed some proof in the pudding. After completing a bronze and silver medal culinary arts diploma at White Pepper and Ashburton Cookery School...learning how to pluck a peasant, pull a partridges guts out through its behind, and forcing a live crab into a pot of boiling water was enough proof for me that I needed to stick with what I knew - veggies!

I look back at some of the situations I put myself in at work and smile at how brave/stupid I was - and I believe that a lot of what drew me to start my own catering business was about not being afraid of food. I contacted an amazing Lady before starting this project who ran her own catering service out of Sydney. She says that a squeeze or lemon, a drizzle of excellent olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper is enough to make any food sing - and she is right. The beauty is in the simplicity - cooking what you like to eat and not over complicating it.

Keep it simple stupid - as my love, James would say.

So that's why I will try to do. Keep making the food that I like to eat, keep the ingredients fresh, honest and hopefully help more people to drop the 'what to eat anxiety' and relish in the simple things.

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