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Post Lunch Slump? We got your back.

Or in other words, PLS.

Ever felt less than average after lunch? We have all been there where you are starving at 12pm, and eat a whole heap of whatever is most convenient (an unsatisfying 'Meal Deal', a pasty from Greg...ahem...your local pasty store ;-) , a massive bowl of left over pasta from the night before, your friends lunch...) Whatever your vice is - when the hunger is real, its hard to make the right choices not just for your body and diet, but for your mindset for the rest of the day.

I hate it when I feel like all I wanna do is have a snooze after eating. For me, in the evening thats fine - I can snooze (although my friend Anna has got me into this fasting thing where you don't eat after 3pm...but that is another story. It's hard by the way. I believe that wine is not food). If I am at work, or have shit to do, its not so fun feeling full. Its science really. Your body uses up energy to digest food, particularly heavy carbs.

I'd like to use an example...has anyone been snowboarding before, or skiing for that matter? I used to work seasons in the French Alps and have enjoyed Italy with my partner in crime the last couple winters. Now, in the morning, you are awesome. You own the slopes. You are invincible. Now, for me...this stops very quickly after lunch. An after lunch ride is the worst...probably because being in the snow means the 3 P's.

Paninis, Pizza and Pasta. And Crepes.

And Beer for some of us (please, drink responsibly...)

Theres not much choice, especially if you are vegan or veggie - but you are bloody starving and need a rest and don't want to eat another cereal bar that you packed in your one of your many ski jacket pockets. Its fair to say, for some of us, your performance after lunch is not the same as your morning runs.

OK, not saying that everyone is chowing down on a full on Dominos at lunch time in work or having a huge slap up meal, but you get what I mean right?

To transfer that over to RL, I always find myself overeating at lunch if I am starving, or skipping lunch because I am an awkward veggie who does not like cheese, mayonnaise or sandwiches that aren't made by me. Then, I am even hungrier come 4pm, so will eat whatever is closest to me and is easy. Then I feel kinda rubbish, I have been hangry so I probably said some things I didn't mean (sorry James) and my productivity at work is not as positive as it could be. Anyone who is reading who is an employer or an employee, does this ring any bells? Float any boats? Strike a chord that sings yeeeessssssssssss...

What if, now hear me out...you order your lunch in advance, it was healthy, nutritious, filling and was delivered to your desk? We haven't even touched on the healthy side of things and it still makes sense right? The convenience is sat in front of you and its plant based, better for you, the environment, your waist line, your mindset and it tastes ace. You will also be full.

Worth a shot?

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